Remote Control Forestry Herbicide Applicator: The VCP

Our patented vegetation control package (VCP) is an herbicide applicator that makes possible basal application of herbicide from inside the cabin - immediately after cutting. Remote application of herbicide

  • reduces labor,
  • reduces worker exposure,
  • reduces volume of herbicide applied.
  • reduces time from cutting to basal application, making the herbicide more effective.

vcp applying herbicide on freshly cut vegetation
Beyond just herbicide, the VCP can be loaded with most any fluid or powder that suits your application. For example, foresters spray a spore slurry to enhance decomposition rates and introduce mycorrhiza fungi. And bioremediation engineers blend contaminant-eating bacteria into waste cells with our stirrer attachment. Contact us for information on adapting the VCP to suit your requirements.

Applications include:

  • Remote herbicide basal applicator:
    • Reduces labor costs
    • Reduces worker exposure
    • Reduces application volume
    • Allows immediate basal application after cutting
    • Suitable for forestry herbicide applicator

  • Remote pesticide applicator:
    • During forest beetle infestation mitigation
    • Other infestation mitigation

  • Remote borax fungicide application:
    • During forest fuels treatment to control fusarium root rot
    • During logging slash treatment to control fusarium root rot

  • Fungal or bacterial inoculation:
    • To speed up decomposition for:

      • Right-of-way aesthetics
      • Forest fuels reduction treatments
      • Stump removal

    • To introduce beneficial fungi for:

      • Increasing forest mycorrhiza during forest fuels treatment
      • Culturally valuable mushrooms during forest fuels treatment
      • Commercially inoculating large piles of substrate with our modified stirring attachment

    • To mitigate pollutants such as:

      • Surface water contaminants (petroleum, e. coli, etc.) during riparian vegetation management
      • Soil contaminants using our modified remediation blender
      • Waste cell chemicals using our remediation blender

  • Extinguishing accidental fires with water or foam