"SLASHBUSTER"® Excavator Attachments: Brush Cutter, Stump Grinders and Waste Remediation Blender

Excavator Attachments for Land Management

Brush Cutters

From land clearing equipment to right-of-way vegetation management: brush cutter models are available to suit your application and excavator size from 3 to 30 ton.
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Brush cutter attachment mulching a large tree

Stump Grinders

Grind stumps with your backhoe or excavator. Guide cones help prevent stalls, making the stump grinder easier to use and ideally suited to equipment rental yards.
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Back hoe grinder working on stump


Mix solid materials such as mulches or aggregates, or incorporate material into a slurry for remediation applications. Our excavator mounted stirrer can be modified to meet your needs.
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Stirring attachment in waste cell

Made in the USA for extreme service and reliability,
"SLASHBUSTER"® brush cutters, stump grinders and stirrers
are manufactured exclusively by:

D&M Machine Division Inc.
12 Monte-Brady Road
Montesano, WA 98563
(360) 249-3366 (Fax) 249-1171

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