Whole Tree Shredding

HD 480B brush cutter with a MAGNUM drive and tilt mount powered by the 20 metric ton carrier's stock power plant

Whole Tree Shredder

This is not your average rotary mulcher. Watch the "SLASHBUSTER"® HD 480B brush cutter chew through 10-14 inch diameter trees with ease. No auxiliary engine is necessary. Horsepower-for-horsepower this is the highest performance tree shredder available.

Material Handling

loading dumptruck

Versatility - Material Handling

The "SLASHBUSTER"® is more than just a brushcutter, it is Land Management Equipment. Use its integrated material handler with patented third boom to:

  • move logs and boulders
  • load debris into dump trucks
  • scrape out access roads
  • rake and pile debris
  • rip out stumps

xl 480s mulching tree

Rotating Shroud Animation

XL 480S brush cutter with an integral thumb, mounted on a 120 class carrier and powered by its stock power plant

Rotating Shroud

Our XL 480S and XL 480SB brush cutters feature a patented 180 degree rotating shroud. Now with the flick of a joystick you can:

  • Maximize productivity by cutting with both left and right swings of the excavator.
  • Shred vegetation near homes, utility poles, fences or other sensitive structures; contact with the teeth is virtually impossible.
  • Mow roadsides without lane closures by safely directing mulched debris.
  • Clear land - shreds brush and 8" diameter trees.

Automobile - Before

Automobile - After

Automobile Shredding

"SLASHBUSTER"® "S-7" teeth are so strong, we decided to test them at our local wrecking yard. This Dodge Caravan was obliterated, yet the "S-7" teeth showed no significant damage or wear.

Stump Grinding in Action

Stump Grinding

Even though only 80 horsepower is behind this backhoe loader mounted SG 240 stump grinder, it grinds stumps much faster than digging them out with a bucket. Watch how the double heel rack comes in handy to dig around the sides of the stump when grinding below soil level.

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