About Us - History of "SLASHBUSTER"® Attachments

DM logo Machine Division, Inc. owes its existence to a now non-existent brush cutting business named D&M Contracting. During its early years, D&M Contracting purchased many different machines and attachments in a frustrating and expensive search for a suitable brush cutter. Finally this frustration gave way to innovation, yielding a prototype design mounted on a surplus army transport rig. An immense benefit was noticed with the design and a patent was granted; thus, D&M Machine Division, Inc. was born.

As time went on, the contracting division of D&M grew to a large scale requiring intensive management. Rather than compromise one division of D&M over the other, it was decided to sell the contracting division to a third party. To this day, D&M Machine Division, Inc. is not affiliated with any contractor or excavator manufacturer, and we intend to keep it that way. Freed from third party obligations, D&M Machine focuses on researching, developing, and manufacturing the world’s most versatile, dependable, and efficient brush cutter. We know it's the best because if it weren't, we wouldn't bother to build it.

Currently, there are several "SLASHBUSTER"® patents all over the world with more on the way as the D&M team strives to maintain its global dominance in the mechanical vegetation management trade.

D&M Machine Division, Inc. Located at 12 Monte Brady RD, Montesano, WA. Phone: 360-249-3366. .
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