Quick Coupler Mounting Plates

Quick coupler mounting plates replace traditional mounting pins which are heavy and take a lot of force and time for removal. Used in conjunction with hydraulic hose quick connect fittings, quick couplers allow you to rapidly exchange excavator attachments via a latching system in about 5 minutes instead of ~30 minutes. On job sites requiring multiple attachment functions such as digging with a bucket, vegetation clearing with a brush cutter or removing stumps with a stump grinder this feature reduces down time and the number of machines required to finish a job.
quick coupler attached to excavator boom with brush cutter attachment

Here the custom integrated quick coupler is highlighted blue. "SLASHBUSTER"® XL 480S brush cutter with tilt mount on a CAT 320 excavator.

Custom integration of a quick coupler to fit any of our excavator attachments is possible except for brush cutters with third booms (designated by model names ending in "B").

Note that D&M Machine does not manufacture the quick coupler or mounting plate that will be welded to the attachment. They must be supplied by the customer or sourced from a coupler manufacturer.

Mini excavator brush cutter with quick release mounting plate

XL 330 brush cutter for mini excavators shown with quick coupler installed in place of mounting pins.

Compact excavators with quick couplers are a smart choice to increase the flexibility and ease of use of your machine. Their relative cost is much lower because they are not designed for the the massive forces of a full sized excavator.