Mini excavator attachment

Mini excavator brush cutter attachment

D&M Machine developed the XL 330 brush cutter to meet the special needs of small excavators. Although mulching large diameter trees is beyond its capability, the XL 330 performs as intended; shredding brush and small trees up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

xl330 brush cutter attachment mounted on a cat mini excavator
"I'm 75% done cleaning my ditches in town. A job that would take 5 men six months to do we can do in two weeks. I just finished a bad part of the canal today it looks great."
Jim, Town of Gramercy, Louisiana

Before and after images of canal and ditch maintenance projects using the "SLASHBUSTER"® XL 330 mounted on a 3 ton excavator (Kubota KX71-3):

Before picture showing drainage overgrown with brushAfter picture showing the same drainage cleared by the XL 330

image showing vegetation choked drainage before xl 330 treatmentImage of drainage ditch after being cleared by the XL 330

Pictured is a custom mount that integrates with an existing quick-disconnect system, allowing this XL 330 to be swapped with other attachments within minutes.

Common applications for this attachment include:

  • Trail Maintenance - small footprint and turn radius for most mini excavators
  • Fence Line Mowing - small brush cutter head for cutting in small places
  • Landscaping Maintenance - quickly swaps with other attachments
  • Land Management - clear bush and eradicate invasive plants
  • Drainage Management - simply walk the carrier down the middle of a drainage while clearing overgrown vegetation on the sides.