Hinged Front Screen Guard for Excavator Cab

Note: Not for sale to the general public. Only available with purchase of new "SLASHBUSTER"® attachments or for existing customers who retrofit their attachments to new excavators.

Regardless of design, model, or manufacturer, every brush cutter needs to be fitted with a screen guard or protection as needed for the job to prevent any errant debris from entering the cabin and injuring the operator. All brush cutters/ mulchers/ mowers operate at high speed and are inherently dangerous to be around. This is why you will always see a safety sticker warning people to stay at least 300 feet away.

Our screen guard provides a level of protection meeting or exceeding SAE J1084 specs. The screen is hinged for easy access to the windshield.

hinged front screen guartd mounted on excavator windshield

Slashbuster® brush cutters are among the safest available: hundreds of thousands of hours of operation and they have never been attributed to a single death or serious injury. Ultimately, the safety of any machine is in the hands of the operator.

the screen guard in open position to allow for easy access to windshield

screen guard in open position