The Squire Peak fire Slashbuster® pretreatment

The 2002 Squire Peak fire near Ruch, Oregon burned six structures and threatened up to two hundred homes in the valley you see below. Fortunately, a large manzanita-choked portion of the area was previously treated with "SLASHBUSTER"® brush cutters. Without pretreatment, it would have been too hazardous and difficult to create an emergency fireline in this area, and the fireline would not have been as effective because of the density of manzanitas.

Squire Peak fireline with "SLASHBUSTER"® pretreatment

Note that the trees in the burned section retained their leaves. Firefighters on the ground reported that when the Squire Peak fire reached the treated area it immediately turned from a crown fire into a ground fire, which burns slower and is easier to contain.

Manzanita after treatment

Near the same area. Before treatment walking through this manzanita chaparral was next to impossible and their crowns formed a continuous carpet of green.