Tilt Mount for Excavator Attachments

What is the tilt mount?

Our optional power tilt mount is installed between the brush cutter and the end of the excavator boom.

Operated from inside the cab, the tilt coupler allows the operator to swing the brush cutter head forty-five degrees either side of center for a full ninety degrees of movement.

Why would I want to tilt the brush cutter head?

Tilting gives skilled operators more freedom of movement. With this extra control it is much easier to match the slope of terrain when cutting brush down to ground level or when raking debris on hills, roadside banks and ditches.

Material handling is another situation were tilting often makes it easier to grab on to objects with the excavator thumb or our integrated material handler.

Ultimately a tilt mount increases the versatility and productivity of your brush cutter, helping you get more jobs done, faster.

Do I really need a tilt mount?

Ask any operator accustomed to the benefits of a tilt mount and they will tell you that it simply makes the impossible possible. Once you are faced with a task or obstacle that necessitates the use of a tilt mount you will wonder how you would have managed without it.

That said, in regions with uniform flat terrain the lower frequency of tilt mount usage may not justify the additional expense.

an HD 480B mounted on an excavator reaching up high and tilting toward the camera

How much hydraulic flow and pressure does it require?

If your excavator has the capability of powering a brush cutter attachment the small intermittent power required for tilt mount operation will not pose a problem. It is powered by its own hydraulic circuit that diverts flow from another.