Wildland Urban Interface - Mechanical Solution

What is the wildland urban interface? As more Americans move to rural settings that is becoming difficult to answer. Essentially, the WUI is the area between federal or state owned wildland and a community. Fuels reduction in these areas are given priority to make community protection easier in the event of wildfire.

Public land managers may be responsible for reducing fuels in the WUI but homeowners can make those treatments more valuable by reducing the fuel load around their property.

"SLASHBUSTER"® equipment has demonstrated its cost effectiveness for both of these mechanical fuels reduction treatments time and time again. Whether it is a two thousand acre buffer zone around a city or a two acre cleanup around a fence line, there are "SLASHBUSTER"® contractors standing by ready to help.


Wildland-Urban Interface before
Dense vegetation adjacent to property before "SLASHBUSTER"® treatment

WUI after showing increased crown height
After "SLASHBUSTER"® treatment, average crown height is increased and a defensible space is created.

Mastication equipment mulching small diameter tree
Trees of this size are reduced to a harmless mulch in less than thirty seconds.

WUI pagetop