Barge Cleaning Equipment

In the United States there are about 300 dredging projects per year with many using barges to transport the dredged material. Problem is that over time sediment builds up on the floor of barges which needs to be removed for efficient operation. Our solution to this barge cleaning problem: quickly turn the sediment into a slurry with a modified LW362M mixer.

Featuring a shorter blade height to match sediment depth and a protective cage that prevents the blades from impacting the barge, this attachment mixes water with the sediment effectively liquefying it for off-loading with slurry pumps.

Swapping out with a standard excavator bucket in minutes, the LW362M expands the versatility of your equipment and is the most practical, least costly way of cleaning sediment from inside dredging barges.

LW362M modified for barge cleaning

For dredge offloading projects it works for mixing/stabilizing dredge material for transport to landfill.