"SLASHBUSTER"® LW 362M: In Situ Remediation Equipment

General Specifications
  • 48" stirring depth (standard model)
  • 36" stirring diameter (standard model)
  • Continuous underwater operation
  • Sealed bearing assembly
  • Quick change mounting pins
  • Self purging grease system
  • Rotating hub debris guard
  • Available with adjustable speeds
  • Excavator boom geometry not modified
  • Existing power plant runs attachment at full speed
  • Adaptable for 25,000 to 100,000 pound excavators
LW 362M: in situ remediation and waste management equipment

Watch a video of the blender in action:

LW 362M treating a waste cell LW 362M in action

D&M Machine Division, Inc. was solicited to design develop and manufacture the LW 362 in situ remediation blender in response to waste cell management issues. These cells can hold a variety of contaminants, from petroleum to hazardous man-made chemicals.

In petroleum-contaminated waste cells, the remediation equipment effectively stirs the slurry, causing oils to rise to the surface where they are skimmed and recycled. Another treatment option is petroleum bioremediation, which involves blending in treatment agents. And waste liquid solidification is as simple as injecting powdered cement near the LW 362M's rotating blade.

The equipment design can be custom modified for, cleaning oil from sand and soil, cleaning sediment from barges, managing dredged material, soil bioremediation, mixing piles of aggregate material like rocks and compost, or for mulching agricultural soils.

In reforestation applications, the same modified design effortlessly mulches compacted soils and breaks through deep duff layers for site preparation prior to replanting. In a similar method, the LW362M is a viable option for use in humanitarian demining operations

custom modified LW362M for barge cleaning
Custom modification for oil cleanup and removing sediment from the bottom of dredging barges
The LW 362M In-situ waste remediation blender an exciting new tool, whose applications have only just begun to be explored.
Compatibility table for the LW 362M attachment:
    Excavator Size, Tons  
Model Duty 1-5 4-10 10-13 14-16 18-20 20+ long reach ready
LW 362M Blender             1