Flood Control Equipment Gallery

These images are from a drainage district in southern Texas that has the responsibility of preventing floods in an area that is only 6 feet above sea level.

flood control equipment in action

The excavator walks on top of moveable wooden pads to decrease ground disturbance on the sensitive riverbank.

Shredding the last remaining row of trees. You can see what the cleared vegetation used to look like by comparing the opposite side of the river.

Shredded debris is raked to above the high water level to prevent it from clogging the drainage during high flow of events.

Mulching on the other side of the drainage with a Slashbuster® mounted on a long reach excavator, then raking debris out of the channel.

before and after view

Treated versus untreated drainage bank. Eliminating vegetation in this flood control project will decrease the resistance to water flow and allow the area to drain freely without flooding.

Previously choked with vegetation, this channel is now clear. Using the integrated brush rake, the debris has been brought to the top of the drainage to avoid clogging culverts.

A similar channel pleasantly "greens up" a few months after treatment with "SLASHBUSTER"® equipment.