Integrated Brush Rake on HD Models

Slashbuster® HD series brush cutters (HD 480B, HD 420B, HD 482 and HD 422) include integrated heavy-duty excavator brush rakes cut from half-inch thick T1 steel. This extreme construction ensures years of daily raking service without interruption for repair. Some applications of the rakes include:

detail image of the integrated rake

Detailed picture of the integrated rake

  • Windrowing
  • Piling and Burning Slash
  • Raking Piles of Mulched Debris
  • Scraping out Access Roads
  • Decommissioning Roads
  • Raking Debris from Drainage Ditches

No access road for maintenance to powerlinesRoad scraped out for access to powelines

No road?        No problem!

Easily scrapes out access roads so you can finish the job without hauling in extra equipment.

These applications are just a few that our excavator brush rake is capable of but ultimately its power resides in the transformation of a standard brush cutter into a versatile tool for land management.