Right-of-way Management Gallery

Cut and mulch right-of-way brush and trees quickly and safely, often without the need for lane closures.

Vegetation management around bridges
Patented third boom extension allows access to difficult right-of-way management areas like bridges.

management closeup
Close-up of above

Clearing vegetation under powerline

Clearing roadside brush under powerlines without lane closures.

Right-of-way management action

Slashbuster® mounted on a wheeled excavator for faster road travel.

Right-of-way management with a timbco
HD 480B brush cutter mounted on a Timbco carrier.

Cutting scotch broom

Roadside scotch broom eradication.

Third boom reaching over guard rail.

piling logs along roadside
Piling logs with the integrated material handler while clearing right-of-way

right of way after brush cutting