Material Handling Capability

"SLASHBUSTER"® models with a third boom have an integrated material handler, allowing you to pick up anything the teeth can grip. This capability dramatically expands the attachment's versatility beyond just cutting brush.

slashbuster brush cutter loading a dumptruck with branches and  debrismaterial handler piling logs on roadside
moving a boulder out of the waypicking up a car body
the integrated material handler on an HD 480B

Applications include:

  • Pile logs, rake and pile debris
  • Load trucks for disposal
  • Clear obstructions from drainage systems
  • Pick up and move boulders
  • Rip out stumps
  • Create firebreaks
  • Create cross-country roads
  • Create drainage ditches
  • Material handler comes as standard equipment on models ending with a "B":

    • HD 480B
    • HD 420B
    • XL 480SB
    • XL 480B

Add an optional tilt mount coupler for dexterity that mimics the human arm (boom), wrist (tilt mount), hand (third boom) and fingers (material handler).