Right-of-way Vegetation Management Equipment

Right of way management is probably the most popular application of our extreme service and maintenance service brush cutters. They can be used for complete vegetation clearance of a right-of-way, or maintenance of an existing right-of-way.

"...the machine is a huge improvement over hand brush clearing and is very cost effective. "

Emerald County PUD

emarld PUD vegetation management on roadside Emerald PUD clearing roadside vegetation under powerlines

"SLASHBUSTER"® mulching disks rotate relatively slow (300 to 600rpm), and are intrinsically much safer than conventional high-speed blades that turn thousands of times per minute and eject material wildly. This increased safety reduces the need for flaggers and helps keep the traffic flowing.

Another factor to consider is that high RPM designs cut vegetation cleanly like a saw, effectively pruning the plants and causing vigorous regrowth in some species. In contrast, the "SLASHBUSTER"® mulching disk has a lower rotational speed, which cracks stumps and thus kills vegetation much more effectively.

Slashbuster right of way management
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