Salt Cedar Removal and Eradication

Invasive salt cedar (Tamarix) removal is a persistent problem for most of Southwest America. An invasive species that lines the banks of many waterways, salt cedar chokes out native vegetation and depletes fresh water resources (lowering the water table in some areas.) Their leaves exude a salty substance that drops to the ground, inhibiting the growth of native vegetation and allowing the saltcedar to dominate local flora. The habitat it creates is inferior, the forage and seeds poor in nutrition and growth is so extensive that it often acts as a physical barrier to water access, reducing the natural range of large native mammals.

salt cedar removal with a slashbuster

Salt cedar removal methods like conventional herbicide or felling is ineffective as Tamarix rapidly produces new offshoots. Many methods have been devised and tested for dealing with this invasive plant with limited success but the Slashbuster® brush cutter has proven itself to be both effective and economical at removing and eradicating salt cedar trees and the colonies they create. The cleared areas can then be revegetated with native plants and monitored for future regrowth as part of an ecosystem restoration plan.

Key to success in Slashbuster® treatment of saltcedar is the basal application of an appropriate herbicide within seconds of cutting. This can be done manually with a ground crew or by the operator of the brush cutter from inside the cab with our patented VCP remote herbicide applicator.

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