Transmission Line Vegetation Management

Utility vegetation management programs utilize "SLASHBUSTER"® equipment to clear land under transmission lines. Regular vegetation treatment provides access for line repairs and helps prevent the number one cause of power supply disruptions: Tree blow down.

Mounted on a 200 class excavator, the HD 480B brush cutter with patented third boom allows contractors to cut a massive seventy foot swath. This amount of reach skyrockets productivity by moving the brush cutter to the vegetation instead of the whole machine. With no wasted back-and-forth carrier movement the contractor is able to finish jobs faster and underbid the competition while lowering soil disturbances. Clearing vegetation under a 100kV transmission line
Mounted on an excavator with a self leveling cab, the HD 480B can navigate steep terrain such as this 60 degree slope on a cross country power line management contract. Moving the carrier on slopes like this is time consuming making the extended reach of this model is an obvious advantage. timbco self leveling cab with slashbuster brush cutter clearing brush on a steep slope

Maintaining a 60 percent slope

Mechanical treatments of the past caused vigorous regrowth because their high speed blades made clean cuts that effectively pruned vegetation. This led to the need for frequent retreatment and increased cost. "SLASHBUSTER"® low-RPM mulching disks crack stumps, which has been shown to reduce the frequency of retreatment by either killing the plant or decreasing plant vigor.

managing vegetation under a transmission line

Mulching manzanita shrubs under power lines

slashbuster mounted on timbco moving tree on slope with material handler

Moving a downed tree with the integrated material handler

shredding a tree under powerline with HD480B brush cutter

Shredding a large multi-storied tree on a hillside with a "SLASHBUSTER"® mounted on a self-leveling timbco carrier

wide shot of clearing vegetation under utility lines


cross county powerline after slashbuster treatment

Manicured slopes on a remote powerline following "SLASHBSUTER"® treatment