Forest Fuels Reduction Problem Tree - Before

HD 480B brush cutter with a MAGNUM drive and tilt mount powered by the 20 metric ton carrier's stock power plant

Forest Fuels Reduction

"SLASHBUSTER"® equipment is used to reduce ladder fuels which fire can "climb up" and into the canopy. This helps reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire by keeping flame height low and on the ground.

In this situation a tree is laying against an old growth Ponderosa Pine. The operator reaches up with the "SLASHBUSTER"® material handler and plucks the top half of the problem tree away.

"SLASHBUSTER" Fire Line Construction

Fire Line Construction

Fire lines are constructed to contain wildfires after they start by removing a strip of vegetation. In this task, one "SLASHBUSTER"® outperforms conventional twenty-person hand crews that costs five times as much. Instead of feeding a chipper the crews are now freed up to fight fires.

Stump Extraction

Stump Extraction and Mulching

Watch as the XL 480S model brush cutter mulches a tree, then uses its integrated material handler to extract the remaining stump, shake it loose of debris and finally mulch it into the ground.

Fence Removal

Fence Removal

Use the brush cutter's integrated material handler rip out the fence, pile it up and load it for disposal.

Limbing Trees

Limbing Trees

Tree limbs can be removed up to forty feet high with most standard excavators.

Building Demolition - Before
Building Demolition - After

Building Demolition

Level an average house in less than fifteen minutes while leaving adjacent structures unharmed. Use the material handler to either pile the debris for controlled burning or load it for disposal.


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