"SLASHBUSTER"® XL 480 Brush Cutter

xl480 mounted on a zero tail swing excavator and integrated with a Helac powertilt

The "SLASHBUSTER"® XL 480 brush cutter attachment is a leader in low-cost maintenance mowers. The standard configuration includes a blade bar assembly with a 48 inch swath, ideal for mulching material up through six inches in diameter when mounted on a small 10 to 14 ton excavator.

Installed on a larger excavator, the XL 480 with "S-7" mulching disk becomes more efficient in larger material such as an occasional eight inch or larger stem. The tilt mount and a material handler are productive options on this model.

XL480 with tilt mount and mulching disk on a zero tail swing excavator

XL 480 Brush Cutter Attachment with optional mulching disk XL480 mulching disk and wire shear XL480 rotating hub debris guard XL480 blade bar "SLASHBUSTER"® Model XL 480 brushcutterwith integrated Helac® Powertilt®, PSM® quick coupler & PSM® hydraulic thumb.

Custom XL 480 brush cutter installation integrating an existing PSM® quick coupler/release mount, Helac® powertilt® tilt mount and PSM® hydraulic thumb.

The XL 480 is also used in humanitarian demining projects for vegetation clearance.
xl480 used on demining equipment
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