"SLASHBUSTER"® Excavator Attachment Options


MAGNUM drive system

Magnum Drive System

Now standard on HD model brush cutters

Our new MAGNUM drive system transmits over 20% more horsepower, giving stock carriers the performance they need without the hassle and expense of an auxiliary engine. One of D&M Machine’s first slogans was “Unmatched in performance, reliability and output.”, and with the MAGNUM drive system it is true now more than ever.

Brochure 467K

Tilt Mount

Optional 90-degree tilt mount moves the head 45 degrees either side of center, increasing dexterity and maneuverability on uneven terrain. Also useful to match the slope of roadside ditches and drainages when cutting brush and raking them clean.

Flail Mower Blade

A flail mowing blade is available for more efficient operation when 80-90% of your "SLASHBUSTER"® diet is 6 inch in diameter or less.

closeup detail of a quick disconnect coupler

Quick Coupler Integration

Custom integration of quick coupler mounting plates allows the excavator operator to rapidly swap out Slashbuster® attachments with others such as a standard bucket.

"SLASHBUSTER" XL480 custom installation shown with full tilt right

Custom Integration & Installation

Pictured is a custom installation that integrates an existing HELAC® Powertilt®, existing PSM hydraulic thumb and an existing PSM quick coupler with our "SLASHBUSTER"® XL480.

detail of our front screen guard

Hinged Front Screen Guard

Our hinged front screen guard or its equivalent is absolutely necessary for the safety of the brush cutter operator.

Available options by model:
Model Magnum Drive Tilt
Screen Guard
HD 480B  1          
HD 420B  1          
HD 482  1          
HD 422  1          
XL 480SB            
XL 480S            
XL 480B            
XL 600     4      
XL 480            
XL 460     4     2
XL 330     4     2
SG 240            
SG 360            
LW 362M           3


Standard on all HD models


Although we do not offer screen guards for compact excavators, several hundred dollars should be budgeted for the construction of an appropriate guard.


Available to suit application.


Standard, unique design to each model.