Land Clearing Equipment

"SLASHBUSTER"® extreme service brush cutters excel in land clearing applications:

  • Shreds trees - from sapling size to eighteen+ inches in diameter
  • Mulches brush - or anything else in its path
  • Clears land quickly - or rework the material if a finer end product if desired
  • Maneuvers steep slopes - limited only by the machinery it is mounted on.

Slashbuster HD 482 Excavator Attachment

No other equipment offers this level of versatility and dependability in large scale land clearing operations.

Use the integrated material handler for:

  • Piling logs
  • Moving boulders
  • Piling debris
  • Removing stumps
  • Loading debris for disposal
  • Scraping out access roads
  • Brush clearing

The pictures below are from a contract requiring the clearing of a right-of-way and access road through a forested area. Instead of hauling away or burning the vegetation, it was mulched and left on site. The third boom material handler scraped out an access road, eliminating the need for more machinery. Ultimately, one "SLASHBUSTER"® brush cutter accomplished the work of several machines, enabling the contractor to underbid the competition.

Land clearing equipment in actionSlashbuster land clearing equipment constructs right of way