Brush cutter - "SLASHBUSTER" HD 480B

The HD 480B with Magnum drive system: simply the most efficient and versatile excavator-mounted brush cutter attachment available.

From mowing saplings to shredding eighteen inch diameter trees and beyond, from limbing trees to piling logs, from cleaning ditches to constructing new ones, from land clearing to forest fuel reduction, this excavator attachment does it all. Not only that, but maintenance costs are the lowest in the industry, and horsepower-for-horsepower it consistently out performs the competition by at least thirty percent.

HD 480B Brush cutter standard components
HD 480B Brush cutter Mulching teeth inside brush cutter shroud

Close-up of the fixed mulching teeth inside the shroud, a standard feature in the HD series.

Whole tree shredding


Plucking a tree from its roots using the integrated material handler


Shredding an 16" diameter Alder stump


Mulching over the side of an embankment made easy with third boom extension


Material handling capability expands your versatility