The Ultimate in Brush Cutter Safety: Low RPM brush cutters with remote control rotating shrouds.

Brush cutter safety is our number one concern, guiding all product development with an emphasis on low RPM mulching disks. The latest evolution in this design is our patented hydraulically operated rotating shroud. Mulched debris can now be directed in a controlled manner with the press of a button. This rotating guard coupled with a low RPM mulching disk is intrinsically the safest brush cutter design available.

Rotaing shroud animation

Both models feature a standard "S-7" mulching disk with a 48 inch swath and 12 replaceable teeth. A flail blade bar cutter with a 48 inch swath is an available option.

  • Work next to structures
  • Cut right up to and around utility poles
  • Work in populated areas
  • Work next to roadsides without lane closures
  • Cut brush around fence lines without damage
Safest Brush Cutter

The XL 480SB incorporates our patented third boom, which extends the brush cutter's reach by about eight feet and integrates our standard material handler.

  • Decrease wasted carrier movement by reaching rather than walking,
  • Cut hard-to-reach areas better than any other brush cutter,
  • Pick up rocks, pile logs, rip out stumps, etc.
  • Optional tilt mount increases dexterity.
closeup showing the XL480SB integrated rake
detail of the XL 480SB integrated material handler

Safest Brush Cutter

The XL 480S model brush cutter incorporates a rotating shroud, but lacks a third boom.

Brush cutter options
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