Flail Brush Cutter Mower Blade Option

On select brush cutter models a rotary flail mower blade is available in place of of the standard "S-7" mulching disk. This 48 inch blade option is a heavy duty construction with free swinging tips that "flail" when impacting brush.

Flail = lower mass/higher RPM = better in smaller material

Disc = higher mass/lower RPM = better in larger material.

Flail blades are available on these brush cutter models:

XL 480 brush cutter with flail blade option installed


  • better when 80-90% if your diet is 6 inch in diameter or less
  • higher RPMs make the flail blade more effective in lighter material like grass that tends to bend rather than shear with low RPM blades
  • more efficient on smaller excavators with less available hydraulic flow and pressure.