The "SLASHBUSTER"® Automobile Shredder

Mulching massive trees, clearing land and demolishing buildings aren't much of a challenge for our excavator mounted brush cutters. so we decided to try shredding an automobile.

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The result? Our model HD 480B obliterated the mini van in no time.

Photo Gallery:

Before size reduction treatment

After shot showing debris field


Close-up of debris field, showing shredded chunks of the car's blue body


Close-up of the "SLASHBUSTER"® "S-7" teeth after shredding the car

Close-up of teeth after

Above is an unedited shot of our "S-7" brush cutter teeth after shredding the entire automobile to chunks about the side of a football or smaller. Surprisingly (even to us), none of the teeth showed significant damage or wear - a testament to their remarkable resistance to shattering and deforming.