XL480 + patented third boom = The XL480B brush cutter

Brand new for 2007, the XL480B brush cutter is an exciting addition to the "SLASHBUSTER"® family of excavator attachments. Featuring a 48 inch cutting swath and a patented third boom with material handler, this attachment cuts and mulches brush and trees up to eight inches in diameter.

side view the shroud inlet side of the XL480B brush cutter
Pictured is the XL480B brush cutter with standard "S-7" Mulching disk.


Costing less than the comparable extreme service HD480B, the XL480B inherits its renowned third boom plus the mulching capability and standard features of the XL480. While the HD series "SLASHBUSTER"® brush cutters are unequaled, the new XL480B is an excellent value that fulfills the needs of most any vegetation management project.

alternate view of the attachment

Third Boom Productivity

Adding about five feet of reach, the patented third boom increases productivity by reducing excavator movement. Instead of tracking your machine back and forth, feed the "SLASHBUSTER"® with a constant flow of vegetation and finish the job in record time.

Reducing movement of the excavator also reduces soil burms and that makes for happier customers, whether they be foresters or private land owners.

Material Handling Versatility

The integrated material handler turns your brush cutter into a multi-purpose tool. You will be amazed at how handy this feature is when you need to:

  • Move obstacles
  • Stack logs
  • Rake and pile debris
  • Scrape out new roads
  • Clear drainages
  • Remove fencing
  • Pluck shrubs from the roots

front view of the xl480b showing detail of the blade bar cutter
48 inch cutting swath, shown with optional flail blade cutter.

With these capabilities you can see why this is not just another mower; the XL480B is land management equipment.

At the end of the day, the extra productivity and versatility of the XL480B gives you a competitive edge and makes your machine more profitable.

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