New Replaceable Carbide Bit Holder for S-7 Tooth Pockets

The standard "S-7" tooth proven to be efficient, safe, durable and inexpensive. But for customers looking for other options we have developed a drop-in S-7 replacement holder for replaceable carbide bits.

  • Mulches cleaner and faster, when mounted in pockets on outer edge of mulching disk - which is where the majority of mulching work is done due to higher tip speeds. For positions on wheel that contact rock, our new fixed-carbide bit option or the standard S-7 tooth is less prone to damage on impact.
  • No need to sharpen, reducing field maintenance and eliminating the need for a generator to power an angle grinder.
  • Wildfire Safe, can be used in areas where grinding is banned.
  • 3-Position Rotatable, if damaged the replaceable bit can be rotated into three positions to maintain a sharp leading cutting edge.
  • Insert and Remove the bit holder using the same method as our standard S-7 tooth: requiring only safety glasses, hammer and a flat end punch.
  • Change the replaceable bits as needed with only safety glasses and a torque wrench (set to 50 ft-lbs dry for best results). No need to remove the bit holder from the mulching disk for this operation.

replaceable carbide bit holder for S-7 tooth pockets, shown with carbide bit sold separately

Bit holder shown with Carbide bit, each sold separately

Note: feel free to mix and match our " S-7" tooth options as desired for your job but to avoid imbalance issues it is essential each type tooth be mounted in pockets on opposing sides. If vibration occurs for any reason, halt operation and investigate potential causes. When root cause is found, correct the issue before proceeding with operation. Among other things, excessive vibration will reduce bearing lifespan significantly.