Versatility: Variable Chip Size

Whether your customer wants small chips for visual appeal or large chunks for forestry contracts, the "SLASHBUSTER"® allows you to vary the size of the finished material. Simply move faster for larger chunks or move slower for smaller chips.

In contrast, horizontal-shaft (combine-type) shredders output only one size of mulched material. This design restriction limits production rates when small chips are not necessary or desired.

For the smallest "SLASHBUSTER"® chip size, the S-7 cutter teeth should be maintained as sharp as possible, which can be done in fewer than than ten minutes with a standard angle grinder. This sharp edge "cuts" material like a knife, rather than "busting" material like a hammer, leaving a "Parked-Out" area some customers have come to expect.

Chunky Debris "Parked-Out" Debris
Large chips for forestry and remote areas Small chips for high-visibility areas