Brush Cutters for Standard or Long Front Excavators

HD 482 brush cutter on standard front excavator HD 422 brush cutter mounted on long stick excavator
"SLASHBUSTER"® HD 482 with 48" mulching disk installed on a standard front excavator. "SLASHBUSTER"® HD 422 with 42" mulching disk installed on a long front excavator.

These two extreme service brush cutters are identical in design and differ only in size and weight. On both models, a "S-7" mulching disk coupled with its "MAGNUM" drive system is more productive in large material than a conventional flail mower blade.

The HD 422, with its 42 inch mulching disk, is an excellent match for smaller excavators or long reach excavators that need a lighter attachment at the end of the stick. In long reach applications such as drainage management the performance of the HD 422 brush cutter sets a new productivity standard.

The HD 482, with its 48 inch mulching disk, is an excellent performer when matched to a 15 to 20 ton excavator.

Both attachments have a virtually unlimited shredding capacity with production rates limited only by available horsepower.

Low operating costs of the "S-7" mulching teeth isn't their only advantage. Designed to be regularly sharpened in place with an angle grinder you don't have to wait for a decline in performance large enough to justify replacement.

sharpening the brush cutter's teeth with an angle grinder

Long bearing life is assured with a standard rotating hub debris guard and self-purging grease system working together to keep out water and contaminants. Adjust bearings to zero end play and grease daily for best results.

HD series debris guard

Tangles with wire are less likely to slow you down with our automatic wire shear, a standard feature on both models.

detail of wire shear near wheel.

Reduce the size of mulched material more than typical rotary mowers. Close-up of fixed mulching teeth inside the shroud, a standard feature on HD models.

Opposing mulching teeth

Available options for the HD 482 and HD 422 models:

HD482 model shown with options

HD 482 pictured with optional tilt mount and integrated quick coupler

Refer to specifications on product brochures or contact us for more info.