The Slashbuster® Brush Cutter Concept:

  • Must retrofit to common excavators used in forestry and construction.
  • Must switch easily with a bucket, retaining the excavator’s built purpose.
  • Must be powered by the excavator’s stock powerplant; auxiliary engines are too expensive to buy, operate and maintain.
  • Must reach further than any available technology, to reduce soil disturbance and allow work in areas previously requiring hand-treatment.
  • Must operate underwater, for clearing debris from drainages.
  • Must outlive the excavator it is mounted on, for maximum dependability.
  • Must have superior material handling capability, for maximum versatility.
  • Must be a vertical shaft brushcutter, for its simplicity, durability and efficiency. (Horizontal shaft drum shredders are relatively complex and require more horsepower for the same production rates.(Harvey, 1998. McKenzie and Makel, 1991.)

Why An Excavator-mounted Brushcutter?

  • Negotiate uneven terrain:tracked carriers can crawl over amazing obstacles and up slopes of more than fifty percent grade.
  • Light one the land:tracked carriers usually have a ground pressures of less than 5psi, allowing work in sensitive areas.
  • Long reach:This increases productivity by reducing carrier movement, which in turn reduces soil disturbance.
  • Common machines mean readily-available parts: A must to ensure that contracts will remain profitable.