Brush cutters for a John Deere 160 Excavator

There are 4 different "SLASHBUSTER"® brush cutter models compatible with the John Deere 160C LC (and current model 160G LC, which has 30% more flow from the main pumps, 101GPM vs 78 GPM for the C series) excavators to suit different needs of the customer. Below is an outline the benefits/advantages and hydraulic requirements of each model. They all have the same "S-7" mulching teeth and carbide bit options but the HD series has a heavier disk that spins slower, making it more efficient if the customer expects to frequently mulch trees larger than 8” diameter. The XL series has a lighter mulching disk that spins faster making it more effective in brush and smaller diameter material up to about 8” diameter with an occasional larger stem. The HD series will mulch brush as well but the added expense may be unnecessary if the customer doesn't need its capabilities.

Model Benefits Hydraulic Flow, GPM min/max/ideal Hydraulic Pressure
HD 420B Same as HD 422 below, but with an additional third boom extension.    

HD 422

46" cutting swath. Opposing teeth in shroud helps mulch material, shroud inlet funnels in material & tree tops, aggressive performance in large material and shreds trees 16”+ dia.




XL 480S

Rotating safety shroud: makes it easier to mulch closely around fences, poles and other structures by guarding them from the mulching disk. Also allows operator to safely direct debris in other areas.



+Rotation Circuit:

5-15GPM @



XL 480B

Third boom extends reach, effectively doubling the area you can treat from a stationary position. Increases productivity by reducing carrier movement while also reducing soil disturbance in sensitive areas.



+Third Boom Circuit:




XL 480

Same as XL 480B but without the third boom extension, lowest price.



Note: The above XL models are also available with a flail blade bar cutter in place of the standard "S-7" mulching disk. This configuration is desirable when cutting mostly brush and small trees. If desired the "S-7" mulching disk and flail cutter can be interchanged to suit specific job requirements, giving your brush cutter the best productivity in all environments.

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